About us

We are proud South African local company Awardz Colorants and Chemicals.

About Company

We are proud South African local company Awardz Colorants and Chemicals. Foundation of company is based on to provide AwardZ (A to Z) of colorants and chemicals to Sub-Sahran region. We have partnered in India with manufacturing house like Delta Hydrocarbons, Mahavir Colour and Chemical Pvt Ltd, Dynasty Industries. Overall company and founders experience in this industry is of more than 40 years, Our manufacturing units in India are successfully in business with 3 generation and more than 50 years of experience behind the. We specialized in production of Textile Dyes, Food and Cosmetic (Lake) Colorants, Optical Brightners, Inkjet Dyes , Salt Free and Highly purified Special Colorants as well pigments and dispersions for paint and screen printing industries.

As a benefit to our customers we provide technical support and R & D for the specialized products we supply. Our aim is to supply the food, cosmetics and colorant industry with excellent service from our technical and enthusiastic internal staff.

We have our own warehouse and storage facility with stocks available to suit your any quantity need. In south Africa we have our own logistics company as well with name Awardz Logitix and with help of that we readily and cost effectively supply in South Africa as well as countries like Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania , Kenya and Namibia.



  • To develop cost- effective, customised and sustainable logistic solutions in partnership with our clients.
  • To exceed our clients’ expectations from at all times.
  • To provide the best client experience and service at all times.
  • To recruit staff who are professional, experienced, knowledgeable and forward-thinkers.


  • Trust keeps us honest and transparent.
  • Compassion keeps us humble and respectful.
  • To listen provides new perspectives and possibilities.
  • Our promise keeps us honourable and reliable.
  • Innovative thinking keeps us ahead of our competitors.